A range of marketing NHS marketing materials
An image of a smiling NHS consultant holding a wipe board with handwriting that says they refer patients

NHS Staff were involved in the referral campaign and appeared on the posters supporting the campaign with their own messages.

NHS / STOP No Smoking Campaign Materials

The Leicester City NHS STOP Smoking Service contacted M and B Print and asked us to be involved with their latest Stop Smoking Campaign to take place within University Hospitals of Leicester. The campaign involved a full design and printing process, highlighting the importance of giving up smoking towards patients as well as the role that staff working in the hospitals can play to ensure that all patients were asked if they would like to receive help also. The campaign would reach all possible candidates, young people, the elderly, families and children.

The specification was for education posters for both staff and patients, referral pads, and pharmacy carrier bags. Real working staff pictures were used for the posters, which helped to give the staff ownership of the campaign as well as depicting images they would recognise and relate to. A considerable amount of market research was carried out to ensure that all cases in this campaign were covered.

The NHS organisations involved have been delighted with the quality of both the design and print from M & B, and there has been an overwhelming interest from other divisions to now get involved, with Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General being two of the latest Hospitals to request additional campaign materials.

Photography by Stuart Carter - The Business Portrait Company. Tel: 01509 808689

NHS Contacts: Melanie Perry - Smoking Cesation Specialist and Sanjay Agrawal - Consultant Respiratory Intensivist

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